Gachou 画帳

Gachou 画帳

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About Gachou

Since 2014 (probably longer) I had the idea of building an intranet tool for managing family photos and videos. I was using digikamopen in new window at that time, which is a great tool albeit with restrictions

  • it only runs on one computer (no network, multi-user access)
  • videos were not or hardly supported
  • on the other hand, it has a lot of features that I don't need.

I just want to manage my files, tag them, delete some of them... Find them. That's all

I had a look around for other tools, but didn't find anything that fulfilled my requirements. Then I started building something. A project that started and stopped multiple times.

At the moment, there is an early version of Gachou running on the server in my basement. But when I tried to refactor things, I noticed how hard that had become.

So here comes the big rewrite, and this time, "everything will be better (tm)"

  • Clean architecture
  • Java-Backend (Quarkus) instead of Node.js
  • Frontend in React, with modern tools
  • Target to run in docker-compose
  • Should also run in a Serverless environment
  • Some feature planning
  • Documentation and blog posts, maybe videos about the progress


This is a one-man free-time project. Don't expect fast progress.