In principle, the architecture should be clean as described by Robert C. Martinopen in new window.

At the moment, we plan the following components, but this diagram may not be complete or fully implemented yet.

Clean Architecture

Domain model

These are the base entities used by Gachou. There is no business logic here, only data-structures.


The core module contains the basic business logic and if connects the other modules to each other. The outer parts of the circle are interfaces that belong to the core module. These are implemented by the adjacent components.

Use cases

Code for use-cases like "file upload", "list files", "tag file" etc.


Uses core module to provide a rest-api for http clients and frontends

File storage

Implements the Storage API defined in Core to provide access to file storage mechanisms


Implements the Metadata API defined in Core to provide access to metadata storage and search facilities.

Metadata Extractor

Implements the Metadata Extractor API defined in Core to provide mechanisms for extracting and storing metadata into media files


Implements the Transcoding API defined in Core to provide mechanisms for transforming files between media formats and sizes

Clean architecture rules

Dependencies may only go from outside to the inside. Core may not use classes or interfaces defined in use-cases etc.

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